Artist’s Statement

Before I became a mural artist, I was a Mixer “DJ Joey”, and spun tunes at radio station KOHT, Hot 98.3 Tucson. There I met a lot of celebrities, leading into custom portraits made from gauche or acrylic and Prisma colors. 2003 I started painting murals on walls and ceilings of residential and commercial buildings. I loved that I could make a piece so personal to the client, that it often inspired them as well.

In 2004 I started working with oil paint and a mixed media of acrylic and oils.

During that time, I started on Graphic Design, working with a Construction Designer which forced me to design, have quality, and speed.

I’m very inspired by what people don’t expect, being clever and innovative, challenging myself and the viewer. Much of my work includes lots and lots of research and thinking outside of the box, which helps me define the layers and the vision I am trying to express in each piece. Before I paint a project, I first take a picture of the area and Photoshop the rendering into the picture to give an accurate image of what the painting will look like. It also gives them an advantage to manipulate before the actual paint goes on. I like this method because it builds trust and reliability.

There is a distinct emotional and physical reaction to all of my artworks and all of the research, studying, and exploring that comes before the art is final, is to invoke the most unpredictable and real reaction from each viewer.